Emergency Info

If there is potential for large-scale coastal or Fraser River flood, local government or provincial officials will likely to be able to provide advance instructions to residents, which could include evacuation alerts or notices. In some flood situations, however, advance warning may not be possible. Regular monitoring of emergency information is important.

If this is an emergency

Is there a flood now in your community?

  • Stay calm. Do not walk or drive in flood waters. Even shallow flood waters can be a serious safety threat. Park vehicles well away from all waterways.
  • If someone is in danger of drowning or other life-threatening situation or has an emergency medical condition, call 911.
  • Check with your municipality or with your First Nation (website, social media, phone). Local governments and First Nations governments are responsible for first emergency response to flood and will provide instructions to residents and community members.
  • For flood emergencies impacting more one community, check EmergencyInfoBC for updated provincial reports and advice:
  • To report a dike or dam failure, debris flows or flood, call the BC Emergency Coordination Centre (EMBC) at  1-800-663-3456.
  • Follow local media for news, announcements and updates.

Prepare in advance