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The videos When the Waters Rise (Parts 1 and 2) offer an overview on British Columbia’s Lower Mainland coastal and Fraser River flood hazards, the potential impacts of a major flood in the region, and flood risk reduction examples within the region and outside BC. In the Lower Mainland, where flood management is a shared responsibility, effective regional collaboration — such as that underway in the Lower Mainland Flood Management Strategy — can be important for identifying and advancing the most effective flood risk reduction options, now and in the future.

When the Waters Rise

  • Part 1 | Preparing for the big flood in BC’s Lower Mainland looks at the two largest regional Fraser River floods of the past 130 years, explores what recent flood modelling tells us about the frequency and severity of coastal and Fraser River flood hazards, now and in the future, and explains issues with current flood infrastructure. The need for improved flood risk reduction is highlighted, with a focus on the collaborative regional work of flood authorities within the Lower Mainland Flood Management Strategy initiative.
  • Part 2 | Priorities and choices in BC’s Lower Mainland recaps the importance of flood risk reduction, gives examples of flood risk reduction in the Lower Mainland and in other jurisdiction, and flags why it is useful to consider a range of approaches when making long-term investments in flood risk reduction.